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mask box holder for carmask box holder for car

TOOVREN Tissue & Mask Holder for Car

mask holder visormask holder visor

TOOVREN mask dispenser for car visor is made of PU leather, with a simple and stylish design suitable for most car models. Sun visor tissue holder can add a stylish atmosphere to your car interior and face mask dispenser for car make your car more personalized.

Not block the driver’s sightMake it more convenient for you to takeSimple and stylish designEasy to install

sun visor mask holdersun visor mask holder

Rummaging for things: Makes driving with allergies much easier. I have allergies so I always need tissues or masks and this makes it easy to find a tissue or mask when you feel a sneeze sneaking up on you.

Hang masks everywhere: Hanging the mask on the rear-view mirror blocks the driver’s sight is not safe. It’s been working great and cleaned up your car so you don’t have masks randomly laying around your car.

Randomly messy and unsightly: Paper towels or masks fall off easily when bumped in the car. I used to always carry a tissue box and set it on the floor or seat which would constantly shift around depending on how the car would move.

sun visor covers for carssun visor covers for cars

wipe case for car visorwipe case for car visor Car Visor Mask Holder

Much easier and safer than putting your tissue box case on the car seat, Mask Holder Car saves a lot of space for your car, makes your car look more neat and tidy. Fashionable Easy to take Affordable

TOOVREN Mask and tissue Organizer for Car

Make your car more tidy, clean and comfortable

Putting the car visor tissue box on the car, fashionable and pretty nice, convenient for you to reach the paper tower, safe driving without distraction.Solve the problem of spilled drinks in time.
Multifunction Suitable for many occasions, can be placed at home, office or in the car Solve your problem

Easy to install

travel wipes case visortravel wipes case visor

How to install?

Just clip the car mask dispenser to the seat back or door pocket or another place you want to put it.

Two colors are designed for you

car visor mask dispensercar visor mask dispenser

It will enhance the decoration and grade of car interiors. Make your car looking more fashionable. The ideal choice for your car decoration, also a perfect gift for your friends who has a car.

The Best Gift to Your Parent or Friends

travel wipes case for car visortravel wipes case for car visor

Give your parents a sun visor tissue holder to give yourself a convenience

When the holiday comes, are you hesitating about what gift to give to your friends? You can’t afford to send it too expensive, but you are embarrassed not to send it. Then buy a car tissue holder visor!

Christmas is coming soon. This is A thoughtful gift of Christmas gift from my daughter. Does your mother like to put on makeup in the car, but when you don’t find it every time you need a tissue or a mask, mask dispenser for car ​can be very good to solve this problem. And the forgetful father, who forgot to take the mask every time, either go back to get it by himself or ask you to give it to him.

Materials: PU leather car tissue holder adopts a simple design, car visor tissue holder can add a stylish atmosphere to your car interior and mask holder for car visor make your car more personalized. Simple and stylish design car visor mask holder.
Safe and Convenient: The car mask dispenser clip is suitable for most car sun visors. The tissue holder for car visor is also suitable for use on trucks, ships, and RVs. Wipes case for car avoids the trouble of finding tissues and masks. Tidy up any loose tissues or masks to help you maintain a good driving mood.
Easy to install: Just clip the car mask dispenser on seatback, or door pocket. The magic sticker of visor mask holder for the car visor can be used repeatedly and the mask dispenser for car visor is easy to open and refill with new tissues or masks on the mask case holder for car.
Fashionable Design:The wipe dispenser for car visor have classy and compact design, car mask dispenser visor will not take much space in your car yet, mask visor holder for car also keep your car organized.
Tissue for car holder Sizes:9 x 4.9 x 0.9 inches (L*W*H), napkin paper is included here. Face mask dispenser for car visor can not only be used to put masks, Which can fill up to 20 3-layer masks, face mask car dispenser tissue for car holder also can be used to put napkins that are not too thick into Car tissue box holder.

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