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Multi-Functional Air Cooler for Personal Space! Bring You Coolness in Hot Summer

Cenove personal mini air conditioner, low-noise design, used in bedrooms, rooms, desks, offices, etc. Has 3 speed wind mode, you can choose the speed that you feel most comfortable. Bring you a better experience than ordinary desk fans in summer.A must-have in summer, and a great gift for yourself, your family and friends.

Important Tips Before Buying:

1. It is much pleasant than the table fan, but not as cold as air conditioner. We suggest you add some ice cubes to get a better result.

2. This is a mini air cooler for personal use only, not for cooling big space or a room. We recommend personal, close-range use. Like, put it on your office desk.

3. The special water pump is designed to blow out uniform cool wind and prevent water droplets from solidifying to the desktop. (When the pump is pumping, it will produce a timing slight sound. Please consider this before you order it.)


33 What can Cenove air cooler do for you?

1.3in1Fan speed and mode

2.Low noise is less than 45db

3.Portable & Easy to Use

4.Low Energy Consumption

5.Create a personal cooling zone

6.The humidification time is up to 10 hours

Embrace a cool summer!

Cooling, humidifying, air supply 3-in-1 compact air cooler, the hot air in the room can be quickly cooled by its evaporative spray device, and you can enjoy cool, clean and comfortable air anytime and anywhere! The whispering silence and soothing cold wind make it ideal for all night use, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable sleep in the hot summer!

Attention Please!

1. Before using it for the first time, please charge it fully to extend the battery life. 2. Do not tilt/dump the product after adding water to prevent water from falling on the table or product and causing damage to the product. 3. The level of the fan speed will affect the noise, the lower the wind speed, the lower the sound. 4. When the cooler is not in use, please keep the water tank dry to prevent damage to the parts of the atomization device.







3 in 1 Multifunction

Personal air conditioner cooler, fan,air humidifier,3 in one multifunction design take you away from the hot summer,enjoy your cooling summer. You can add cold water, small ice cube in the water tank, enjoy the fresh cooling summer!

Whispering Silence

Those who sleep lightly prefer an air cooler with whispering technology, it runs smoothly at a low noise level of ≤45dB, and can work perfectly in your bedroom, quiet and gentle, without disturbing your sweet dreams.

Rechargeable Battery & USB Charging

With 2500mAh battery, the portable air conditioner fan can run up to 2~5 hours. You can easily carry personal air cooler to outdoor picnic, camping, garden… where power source may be not available. This portable air cooler also supports Type-C charging, compatible with laptop, power bank, AC adapter(Not included). (Fully charged in x hours)







Leak-proof Water Addition Design

Our product adopts the design of adding water on the top to prevent water leakage, and it is very convenient to add water. Other products with a water tank at the bottom, which is easy to leak water. The water in the water tank will be directly turned into cold mist through the atomizer device and blown out, so that no water will accumulate on your desktop.

Energy Saving

The portable air conditioner has used a physical cooling method as working mechanism, lower the temperature for personal area and purify the air.It reduces temperature through water evaporation and creates fresh air.The power consumption is as low as 4W. It is energy-efficient and low-carbon.

Longer Working Time

Unlike other air coolers with water curtains that often require 3 months to replace the water curtain, our air cooler are cycled throughout the year without pressure, and the design of no water curtain can extend the service life and make the use time longer. Start a low-carbon lifestyle!


About Us?

Input: 5V–1A

Power: 4W

Product size: 12.2*10.8*14.2cm

Weight: 0.415kg

packing list:

1 X cooler

1 X USB charging cable

1 X manual

❄【Ultrasound Spray Cooling Technology】Portable air conditioner uses ultrasonic atomization technology to atomize the water in the water tank into ultra-fine water molecules, the fan blows out the cool and humid air. Unlike other air conditioners, our air cooler can cool the surrounding air, and do not make your skin feel dry.
❄【Create a More Comfortable Area】Thanks to our unique product materials, our products can be added with water, ice cubes and essential oils. You only need to pour some ice water in the 200ML water tank and it will cool the hot air around you after a few seconds by its powerful fan. By improving the structure of the water tank and the using a more waterproof silicone cover, it effectively reduces the leakage problem, allowing you to enjoy a cooling summer without worries.
❄【Mist Sprayer Function & 3 Speed Wind Mode】Air cooler features with 3 wind modes (Low/Med/High) With the mist sprayer function,our portable ac air conditioner can also serve as air humidifier and purifier. Superior to other portable ac units which have the same big fan, our anti-noise structure can reduce the noise to a great extent.
❄【Cordless Air Conditioner Fan】Built-in 2500 mah battery, supports up to 5-10 hours running after a fully charged. True wireless and portable design, small size, which won’t take up a lot of space and can easily carry to anywhere. In summer, the best choice for camping and you can easily carry it out, very suitable for homes, offices, outdoor picnics, etc. (Rechargeable with DC/USB/Power bank).
❄【Lightweight and Energy-Saving】Personal air cooler with a power consumption of only 4W/hour designed for personal use, the product use only 0.1kW of electricity after runs continuously for 24 hours. It does not use refrigerants or chemicals to cool the air, so you should not expect to get the same effect as an air conditioner. Note: This portable air conditioner only cools the area around the user.

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