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3 modes3 modes

Tips for choose the right mode



1.Please pay attention to the water line when add water to the tank,no more than MAX LINE.

2.You could choose to add water and ice packs from up or down.

3.The cooling function will shut off automatically if there’s no water in the tank.

4.Please clean the net and water mesh regularly for a stronger wind and cooling.

product viewproduct view

strong wind /large area cooling fanstrong wind /large area cooling fan

absabs Total Brand ABS mwaterial

High Quality Safe ABS Material

IKT air cooler choose ABS instead of PP.ABS provides favorable mechanical properties such as impact resistance, toughness, and rigidity when compared with other common polymers.they also have electrical properties that are fairly constant over a wide range of frequencies,won’t release bad flavors even in VERY HOT SUMMER DAYS.

High Strength High Heat Distortion Temp High Hardness Mass Density

IKT-PORTABLE AIR COOLING FAN-More impressive than a standard air cooler

Stronger Motor&Centrifugal Fan

Ball bearingSilent&stable100% cooper wireMetal motor cover
3 speed and 3 modes A humidifier with 2 water tanks Large scale swing Air purifier Timer&Remote control A portable AC to maker room cooler 4 wheels to move free Perfect height for bed/chair/sofa

air filter

air filter

control panel

control panel



Removal 2 Filter Nets

Air Cleaner Mesh & Water Cycling Board.

They’re easy to remove and convenient to clean .please wash it regularly in case of dust and furs enter the machine and you won’t get clean air and wind.

3 Modes & 3 Wind Speed

There are 3 modes in the machine-floor fan mode/humidifier mode/air conditioner mode,and natural/normal/sleep 3 speeds for choose.

Four 360° Rotate Wheels

4 wheels are included in the package.

Push forcefully on the wheels then it can be inserted to the main part of the cooler fan.

Then you can move the room cooler around your home easily.






ice packs

ice packs

Please pay attention to the water line when add water to the upper/down tank,however,no more than MAX LINE.

The drain plug is at the bottom of the machine,and THE TANK CAN NOT BE REMOVED,PLEASE DON’T DRAG IT VIOLENTLY OR WILL LEAKS.

Please freeze the ice packs in fridge and then put them in tanks,only by doing this you can get cold air or it will works like a regular cooling fan(Works better in a dryer place than in wet conditions)

❄️Bladeless Cooling Fan❄️-Perfect choice for family if you have a child or pet.In comparison with other household cooling fan IKT portable cooling fan chooses evaporative instead.Kids and pets may be curious about anything that you couldn’t think of,so they may touch blades.Get an IKT evaporative cooling fan then you don’t need to worry about it.
❄️Cooling Fan Mode❄️-High efficiency motor and energy saving products.IKT remote floor fans equipped with a high efficiency engine that can provide stronger wind.Our room cooler fan has 3 speeds.wind speed can be max at 8m/s and medium 6.6m/s,and similar products can only be 6.2m/s when you switch to largest wind.Rated power 65w,lower than other portable air conditioner(> 200w),saved plenty of budget on your energy bill
❄️Wide Range❄️-IKT air cooler choose ring-shaped swing instead of fan leaves,the wind direction will cover a large range under the control of swing in 4 directions not only left and right. IKT cooling fan’s wind covers a big area of the house to make air circulated closer to nature wind but only hard,mechanical wind.Also,you could turn off the swing when it changed to the ideal orientation.
❄️Air Cooler❄️-Do you think some portable AC is really portable?Can not move at all.Unlike that.IKT portable evaporative air cooler can be a great replacement in some cases.Add both water and ice packs on the bottom or upper,switch to cooling mode then the fan will act like an air condtioner air will be cool.Feeling tired of cooling fan and air conditioner?Try this.(works better in dry area and rooms with air conditioner)
❄️Easy To Operate❄️-Open the box-install the wheel-Turn on the machine,and you’ll get a fan with strong wind.If you want to use cooling mode,add water to the ice packs-freeze them in the fridge -add water the tank,then you can enjoy the cool wind.No complicated operating .(the ice packs need to freeze about four hours,if you don’t want to wait for a long time,get an IKT ice maker)

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